Kardelen Software; It has also developed effective programs for family physicians, health departments and Family Health Centers.
Currently; Bolu, Adıyaman, Şırnak these are citys which used successfully and spreading rapidly.

These are some of the features of our module

  • Integration of Existing Physicians and Health Units
    Online Patient ID questioning
    Registration and Editing of Identity Information
    Provisioning and GSS transactions
    Patient diagnosis entry
    Inspection and approval procedures from the laboratory
    Evaluating laboratory results
    Pdf output
    Patient Referral Procedures
    Interviews the total amount of the examination that the family physician requested in the month that the examination was done and the examination is priced. Interactive notice to the Health Directorate Information Management System Module
    Household form login and viewing
    Entering and reporting vaccine records with the vaccine follow-up form
    Notification Mandatory Diseases  (Form 014)
    Inspection and Treatment Numbers of Institutions and Institutions Affiliated to Ministry of Health
    Group A Diseases (Form 017 / a), Pregnancy - puerperant Monitoring (Form 005) and many other reports. Web design

What is AHBS?
The AHBS (Family Medicine Information System) is a computer program offered for the use of Family Physicians and Family Health Members in cases where the Family Physician application is being implemented. The transfer of primary health care services to the Electronic Health Record (ESK) database in the central organization of the Ministry by registering them in the electronic environment and the transfer of these data to T.C. based on the identification numbers, for each patient, a file is opened and stored on the basis of this information. The program is not a web based application,It has an architect named smart processor. According to this architecture, users can register patient information on their own computers, ie their local databases, even when they are not connected to the internet. When the user connects to the internete, the information in the local database is transferred to the central database of the Ministry. The AHBS is an application that can transfer the health service given to approximately 70 million people to the center in a short period of time with 20 000 possible users and the most common usage area in the e-health project. In addition, the AHBS is the only work that has reached the ministry immediately and directly to the ministry. This situation clearly expresses the importance of AHBS. AHBS data will be of great importance in determining the health policies of the country and planning. AHBS is also designed to provide the minimum data sets required for other computer programs to be used in family medicine applications. For this reason, it should be regarded as a standard for similar programs, not as a simple inspection program.

You can go to KarMed AHBS website from the following link ...


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