PACS software is used for image transmission and archiving. With our KarPACS product, integration with all DICOM compatible devices is easy. With KarPACS and RBYS products, we offer turnkey solutions. It's easier to diagnose with KarPACS software. With the PACS system, the physical archive is removed from the problem. Image files stored in DICOM quality are stored without any loss of quality and can be accessed from your desktop PC via the web with the Karmed PACS viewer when requested. The Karmed Mobile Doctor module integrates with the PACS product to provide mobile access to PACS images.

Radiology Informatic System

IHE integration
Compliance with HL7 standard
HIS Integration
DICOM 3.0 compliance
Workflow status follow-up
Web test image distribution system
The VRT (Volume Rendering Technique)
MIP (Maximum Intensity Projection)
MINIP (Minimum Intensity Projection)
MPR (Multiplanar Reformatting)
SSD (Single Stepto Digital)
Unit, person, device-based material usage detail
What is PACS

Picture Archiving and Communication Systems (PACS) is a system for storing, archiving and distributing images taken from radiology devices (CT, CT, Ultrasound, MR, X-ray, Mammography etc.) briefly. Image storage and distribution standard is DICOM. Devices that send data to the PACS must have DICOM support. Today, many health institutions use the PACS system. Briefly speaking, images taken from radiology devices, internet devices, intranets and so on.

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